Unleash Your Craftsmanship with Tango 360® Power and Grip 360® Manual Tools The Ultimate Reciprocating Multitool System for Pros and DIY Enthusiasts!

Switch Between Manual or Power, Use One or Two Hands, Experience Fixed or Freely Rotating Tools and the Stability of New Damping Handle Technology.

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Multiple Positions and Dispositions For Speed and Agility 

This Incredible 12 V cordless reciprocating power tool, with the patented Davis connector has a variable speed from 800 to 3000 strokes per minute and is the back bone to speed through most of your delicate to difficult problems. 

Sand Difficult Profiles With Flexibility

Adaptive profile sanders and patented damping handle give you the flexibility, and control To tackle any job.

Easily Sand Manually or with the Power Tool 

Durable strap sanders featuring hook and loop surfaces give you more choices like using 2 or more grits of sandpaper saving you time and effort!

Full Stability While Rasping Or Sanding In Tandem Mode

The patented shock absorbing technology keeps your hand stable while allowing you to direct more forces when and where you need it.


The Simple Scraper Becomes Extraordinary

Scraping in fixed position, or in free rotation for greater dexterity and less fatigue, throw in 3000 strokes per minute and you are golden!

Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork

With so many tools to choose from our starter kit will give your creative problem solving notions a big boost!

Apply The Right Force! Don't Just Use It.

Ok Ninja DIY'ers and Professionals Intuitively you have used your hands to build your world now put the power in both.

Comfort And Control of Tools In A Dynamic Space Has Found its Place


Fewer Callouses Because The Handle Can Turn With Your Motions


Leverage and Pressure Make All The Difference In Tandem Mode


Reduces Waste By Eliminating Extra Handles And Adding Functional Value

Prestigious Awards For 


Its not just us saying how great this system is so are some of the most prestigious organizations. We are greatly humbled!


DTS sanding suite kit


Tango 360® Reciprocating

Power Tool and Damping Handle

Woodworking-Sanders, Cordless

Grip 360®

Manual Utility Handle


Davis Tool Systems Helps You And The World

Almost every tool has a handle attached to it, and the Davis Connector with the S Tang and slotted adapter allows you to pass through tight spaces, While our threaded adapters and profile sanders allow you to efficiently abrade in tight spots and complex forms.  With the essential strap buckle connector and belt adapters providing robust connections on useful tools that reach around most objects. Of course the torque from the hex adapter will allow you to use all your current hex key tools on the grip 360 providing a useful utility handle for all your needs.  Rest assured we will be providing a whole host of adapters and accessories in short order!

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We're Launching Soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!